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Here you will find current notices and information from the Principal and Board:

School Charter: 
Our approved 2020 Charter can be found here. This document outlines the significant areas fo focus for 2019 for our school.

Charter progress reports are presented as part of the principal's report at the end of each term. They are linked to the meetings listed below.

Upcoming Board of Trustee Meeting Dates 2020:
Term 3
11 August 6pm - Meeting Room in admin block
21 September 6pm - Meeting Room in admin block

Term 4
3 November 6pm - Meeting Room in admin block
2 December 6pm - Meeting Room in admin block
15  December 6pm TBC - Meeting Room in admin block

Board Talk:
Our Board Of Trustees aims to share information several times each term through the school newsletter. Linked below are newsletters with a 'BOT' section. 
Newsletter Week 1 Term 1, 2020
School Docs - a new way to manage policies and procedures
Newsletter Week 4 Term 1, 2020
Building and Property News - Newsletter Week 6 Term 2, 2020
Lead Designer Selection For OPS Building Project - Newsletter Week 10 Term 2, 2020
Newsletter Week 1 Term 3, 2020

Minutes and Reports:
Linked below are agendas, principal's reports and other reports for each meeting. Please note that the minutes from a meeting are not approved until the following meeting.
In addition to these reports below are 'in-committee' reports which are restricted to BOT members.

Feb 2020 Agenda
Feb 2020 Minutes (scroll to Feb minutes)
Feb 2020 Principals Report
2020 Approved Charter

May 2020 Agenda
May 2020 Principal's Report
May 2020 Minutes

June 2020 Agenda
June 2020 Principal's Report 
June 2020 Minutes (to be approved at Aug meeting)

Aug 2020 Agenda
Aug 2020 Principal's Report 
Aug 2020 Minutes

2017 Audited Financial Statements
2018 Audited Financial Statements

Please email Viki Holley - Principal if you would like additional information about our BOT meeting contents.

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