Starting School at 5

We encourage whānau to pre-enrol their children approximately one year (or more) before the child's 5th birthday. See links for our 'Intention To Enrol 'form below

While we are in Covid Protection Framework Levels RED or ORANGE we can not have pre-school assemblies.

We would like to offer pre-school visits while we are in 'Orange'. This has to be in a very controlled way so we can keep everyone safe. Maryanne Swain the Reception class teacher and Team Leader will explain this when she makes contact with you.

We will contact all whānau who have pre-enrolled to arrange this.

Link to Starting At School Booklet

Intention to Enrol form (pre-enrollment)

Please share with the office when completed

Preschool Assembly

These generally take place in the middle of every term.

See our school newsletter for the terms dates. Preschool assemblies are held in our Reception room - Room 20. This gives preschoolers and their parents the opportunity to attend a normal junior assembly. Lunch is provided afterwards.