Starting School at 5

Reception Room

We believe a reception class is an excellent way to cater for each child’s individual learning and development.

We know from our observations (and research supports this) that effective and positive transitioning to school can have a lasting impact on a child’s success at school. We know that every child comes to school with different levels of readiness; socially, emotionally and academically. Our aim is to build on each child's learning, social, physical and cultural development from their pre-school years.

Every child, who joins us as a five-year-old, starts in our Reception Room. This class focuses on building relationships with whānau, transitioning into the school environment and developing readiness for the next stages of school learning. Formal teaching to develop literacy and mathematical concepts (reading, writing and maths) will be a part of each day in our Reception Room, along with strategically chosen ‘learning through play’ and ‘free play’ opportunities. Learning through play is crucial for a child’s learning and development. This will continue when they transition into their next class.

Children will stay in our Reception Room until staff and whānau feel they are ready to transition into a more structured New Entrant /Year 1 classroom. For some children, this might be a short time while others may benefit from an extended time in this room. We will carry out a careful transition from the Reception Room with regular interaction, visits and time spent forming relationships with the new class and teacher.

The Reception Room is located in the classroom block on our field. The two rooms are connected. This allows us to set up and utilise equipment for movement and language-based development programmes. These programmes help children both physically and academically with the development of motor coordination, cognitive development, self-esteem, social skills and the ability to cope better in the classroom.

Preschool visits are on a Friday (more information below). We encourage families to try and attend approximately four Friday visits prior to starting school.

Families who have completed an ‘Intention To Enrol a Child’ form will be contacted to arrange these visits about two months prior to their child starting. ‘Intention To Enrol a Child’ forms can be emailed by office staff or you can complete the copy later in this booklet. You can contact our office by calling 6366256 or emailing

Please sign in at our office when you come for preschool visits.

Preschool Assembly

These generally take place in the middle of every term.

See our school newsletter for the terms dates. Preschool assemblies are held in our Reception room - Room 20. This gives preschoolers and their parents the opportunity to attend a normal junior assembly. Lunch is provided afterwards.

Link to Starting At School Booklet

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