There are no lunch orders initially in 2022 due to COVID restrictions.

School Lunches

Wednesday Sushi day

$3.00 for 3 pieces $5.00 for 5 pieces.

We encourage students to bring a container and correct change.

The container keeps the sushi fresher and reduces waste.

The preferred container is the standard Sistema 450ml sandwich box, which can be purchased from supermarkets or from school for $5.

Thursday ‘Pita Pit’

- $5 for a pita and extra items are available.

You can order online up to 9am Thursday at

Login, click Pita Pit, then follow the prompts.

Friday Subway day

- prices range from $4.30 for a 4 inch Mini Sub to $5.00 for a 6 inch Mini Sub (vegetarian $3.90).

Cookies $1 Fruit Squirts $2.70

Your child’s teacher has order bags in the classroom.

+1 Lunches

Most days we have a small number of children, who for a range of reasons need a top up for their lunch, or a morning tea and lunch. We are very lucky to have KidsCan food donated to us, which we are very grateful for. This food has meant when children need food we have it for them. We know hungry children don’t learn easily!

The idea is about families from within our school community, helping out other families from within our school community.

It also means we have some fresh food available to give children who need it on a particular day.

Please drop the lunch off to our office in the morning. The lunches do not need to be fancy, just basic, healthy food - for example sandwiches and fruit. We can top it up with muesli bars and fruit from KidsCan. If you could send it in an old ice cream container or bag that would be great.

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity. There will be some full tummies who really appreciate what you are doing!