2023 Weetbix TRYathlon

Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon 2023

Wednesday 22 November  

 Mountfort Park, Manurewa.

Onehunga Primary School has long been involved in this event for children. The TRYathlon is all about giving it a TRY and it is a rewarding and fun day out!

Ages 7+ on event day, can complete the TRYathlon as an individual or in a team of two, 

$52.50 is the early bird price, ends midnight 25 Oct

$59.00 is the online price from 26 Oct - midnight 15 Nov

$69.00 on the day (if not sold out)

Age 6  - Splash and Dash - swim and run only 

$46.50 is the early bird price, ends midnight 25 Oct

$52.50 is the online price from 26 Oct - midnight 15 Nov

$64.50 on the day (if not sold out)

The Event Details for our OPS Team

Wednesday 22  November at Mountfort Park, Manurewa. We have registered OPS as a school group for that day. 

You can find out more here


We ask parents to please register their own children online

The very high number of children we have involved from OPS means that this is not something we can manage as a school. 

You can register for the OPS school team online now.  

Enter with our school group - To enter the TRYathlon visit www.tryathlon.co.nz/ - select South Auckland event  ‘YES – Join my School Group’ and enter “Onehunga Primary’ to join.

TRYathletes need to have an adult supervising them on the day.

If you have any problems with registering, email me  jjohnston@onehungaprimary.school.nz

How would you like to receive your TRYathlete Pack?

This year the School Group courier option - delivers the packs to the School

When you register for the Wednesday 22  November  TRYathlon event, you can opt to:

Managing a group on the day of the event

This year we will again be requesting one adult (parents or family member) to manage each group on the day to ensure all groups are ready for their events on time! We will also need whānau support to make sure we meet Health and Safety ratios. We will have school gazebos set up on the day. More information about this next term. 

Juliet Johnston - jjohnston@onehungaprimary.school.nz

Principal’s PA

Training at school

We will have training sessions at school to help prepare everyone for the

TRYathlon, including swim, bike and run transitions. This training is for children are committing to taking part in the TRYathlon. Taking part in training is optional.

If you are able to help with Monday after school training at school leading up to the event, please email Rachel Taylor- rtaylor@onehungaprimary.school.nz

Training will start straight after school for approximately 30-35 minutes. Meet by the seat on the field.  If it’s wet, meet on the covered deck outside Room 20.

Only children who have completed this form, or have an adult whānau member with them will be able to take part.

Training afternoons will be…

More details to follow about the event arrangements, training and how families can support next term.

Please email Mrs Taylor with any questions about training.

Training At Home

The more you have prepared and trained, the more fun you will have at the TRYathlon.

You can find hints and traing schedules on the Weetbix TRYathlon site.

To help familiarise yourself with what happens at the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon on event day check out our helpful “How To” videos on the Weetbix TRYathlon site.