Building Project Photos - 2021 & 2022

We will continue to add the most up to date pictures to the top of this page.

14/12/22 Update - Our building project is all tracking to plan and timelines.

At the moment lots of the interior work is underway with paint and flooring starting to add colour to the spaces.

Over the holiday period before school returns a significant amount of external landscaping at the front of the new building will occur.

We will see some fencing changes between the site and school when we return after the holidays. We will share any changes to entry to the school before school returns on February 8 2023.


The Ministry Of Education had a drone fly over the building site to get footage. We asked the drone to fly over our playground too.

The movie might take a while to load but it's worth the wait.

View from Room 15, looking into the north side of the building

View from our field

View from our field

Arthur Street perspective

Level 1 Learning area

Level 1 cook and create space

Admin ceiling

Level 3 learning area.

Photos taken from a drone organised by the MOE. We look forward to sharing the movie with you on our website soon.

4/8/22 Update - There are more and more contractors on site now as our building project progresses. The project remains on track for us to move in by April 2023.

The roof installation is almost completed and framing and carpentry work inside is underway.

Brick cladding on the front of the building starts next week.

You may have noticed that many of the windows have now been installed. From inside the building the views out to Arthur Street, Onehunga and the harbour are fantastic and give a real sense of connection to our community.

The front (Arthur Street) elevation

Looking from our field. External stairs to the right of the picture.

7/7/22 Update - It’s all happening on the building site!

Over the next two weeks the roof install will be completed and most of the carpentry framing will be finished. Windows and glass work is underway and the exterior bricks on the road front of the building will be starting soon.

Our staff had a second visit to the building site this week and enjoyed spectacular views from the top floor. We are looking forward to a time when it will be safe to take students into the building so they can see and be part of the exciting progress.

Internal timber framing

Entry canopy

Internal stairs

Views towards the community house from inside the building

16/6/22 Update - Progress on our building site continues to track well and continues to be on schedule for us to move in and start using around April in 2023.

Main roof structural steel is in the final stages

Carpentry framing for Level G, 1 and 2 continues

5 upgrade to complete the drainage.

Level 2 deck area poured.

26/5/22 Update

Level 1 - Pre-cast flooring

Level G - Slab pour photo

Main entry stairs

12/5/22 Update - Our staff had the opportunity to visit the building site last week to start to get a feel for our new spaces. We walked over the first floor (above the staff car park).

29/3/22 Update - Drone shots and video of the building site.

25/3/22 Update

Ramp for stairs at entry

Entry stairs

View from Level 2

Main Steel framing stage 1.1 and 1.2 completed

15/3/22 Update

The start of the steel framing is up. The next part will start soon.

You can see the underground carpark and the three levels of learning spaces.

Behind the building (where the trees are) a significant amount of drainage work is underway.

Scaffolding will be going up around the outside soon.

The structural steel should be completed in the next couple of weeks.

In this picture you can see the lift well steel framing on the right and the entry steps on the left.

3/3/22 Update

25/2/22 Update

Footings to the entry area

'Stitch Joints' to the concrete grid

Property - Update - 15/2/22

Main slab prep

Beam test

Footings to entry

Backfilling behind wall to carpark

Property - Update - 1/2/22

Footings to grid

Property - Update - 18/1/22

Main slab preparation

Service room prep

Property - Update - 14/12/ 21

Property - Update - 23/11/ 21

Making a new wall in Room 7

Demolition - Update - 9/11/ 21

Demolition - Update - 26/10/ 21

Demolition Progress - 14/10 21

Getting Ready - Update - 12/10/ 21

Asbestos removal


Boiler shed


Getting Ready - Update - 27/9/ 21

Fencing around building site

Inside the site

Contractor site entry

Site sign in and covid station

Temporary Buildings - Update - 7/9/ 21

Temporary Admin Block

Temporary Room 2 and 3

Staff car park

Temporary Caretakers Shed