Building Project Photos - 2021 & 2022

We will continue to add the most up to date pictures to the top of this page.

5/4/22 Update - Drone shots and video of the building site.

29/3/22 Update - Drone shots and video of the building site.

25/3/22 Update

Ramp for stairs at entry

Entry stairs

View from Level 2

Main Steel framing stage 1.1 and 1.2 completed

15/3/22 Update

The start of the steel framing is up. The next part will start soon.

You can see the underground carpark and the three levels of learning spaces.

Behind the building (where the trees are) a significant amount of drainage work is underway.

Scaffolding will be going up around the outside soon.

The structural steel should be completed in the next couple of weeks.

In this picture you can see the lift well steel framing on the right and the entry steps on the left.

3/3/22 Update

25/2/22 Update

Footings to the entry area

'Stitch Joints' to the concrete grid

Property - Update - 15/2/22

Main slab prep

Beam test

Footings to entry

Backfilling behind wall to carpark

Property - Update - 1/2/22

Footings to grid

Property - Update - 18/1/22

Main slab preparation

Service room prep

Property - Update - 14/12/ 21

Property - Update - 23/11/ 21

Making a new wall in Room 7

Demolition - Update - 9/11/ 21

Demolition - Update - 26/10/ 21

Demolition Progress - 14/10 21

Getting Ready - Update - 12/10/ 21

Asbestos removal


Boiler shed


Getting Ready - Update - 27/9/ 21

Fencing around building site

Inside the site

Contractor site entry

Site sign in and covid station

Temporary Buildings - Update - 7/9/ 21

Temporary Admin Block

Temporary Room 2 and 3

Staff car park

Temporary Caretakers Shed