Starting School at 5

We encourage whānau to pre-enrol their children approximately one year (or more) before the child's  5th birthday.  See links for our 'Intention To Enrol 'form below

Starting At School Booklet

This booklet has information about starting school at 5 and our Little Kiwi's programme.

Little Kiwis - Getting Ready For School  

- 5 weeks of fun before you join the Kiwi Learning Community. 

We encourage whānau to get their children involved in the Little Kiwis programme in the 5 weeks before starting school. It has been planned to help us to develop relationships with your child and whānau and support a positive and smooth transition into our school.

There is more information later on this page.

Little Kiwis Programme - Getting Ready For School

- 5 weeks of fun before you join the Kiwi Learning Community

We know that no matter what experiences children have been involved with before starting school, it can be a big transition. To support your child and whānau we have planned a series of ‘Little Kiwis’ - opportunities to spend a morning at school taking part in a series of interactive sessions planned by the Kiwi Learning Community teachers which will help us to develop relationships with your child and whānau, and support positive and supportive transition into our school.

While the ‘Little Kiwi’s programme has been planned in a series of 5 weeks. It’s up to you the number of these you take part in.  We would suggest taking part in the series of 5, if possible, as we will build on the information and messages shared in the previous sessions. We have outlined the programme in the table below.

This programme is for whānau who have completed an Intention to Enrol form (pre-enrolment) form. Whānau who have completed an ‘Intention To Enrol a Child’ form will be contacted to arrange these visits about two - three months prior to their child starting.

 ‘Intention To Enrol a Child’ forms can be emailed by office staff or you can complete the copy later in this booklet. You can contact our office by calling 6366256 or emailing 

‘Little Kiwis’ takes place on a Friday morning, unless noted below, and will start at 9.00am. Please note the finish times change some weeks to accommodate the activity planned. They will be led by teachers in our Kiwi Team and other school staff.

Please check our OPS website - ‘Starting School At 5’ for the most up to date information. It is possible that dates and programmes may need to change as school events are added to our school calendar.

As part of each session, children will have a ‘brain break’ where they eat a healthy snack and have a drink of water. This is one of the ways we start to introduce things which will happen at school to your child. Please pack a small healthy snack and water bottle for your child.

An adult whānau member must accompany their child, and stay on school site while your child is part of ‘Little Kiwis’ You are welcome to come to our admin area and work or get a coffee if you would like to. 

Please sign in at our office when you come for these visits.

To help us plan for the ‘Little Kiwis’ sessions, please either let our office know (636 6256, OR complete this quick form.

Intention to Enrol form (pre-enrolment)

We ask whānau who live within our enrolment zone who intend to enrol their children at our school complete this form and return it to our office.