Buchanan Awards History

The Buchanans

Robert Buchanan and his wife Euphemia. Born in Dunedin, Buchanan joined the Union Steam Ship Co in 1883, serving with the company for 26 years. In 1902, he married Euphemia Neilson and they settled at Onehunga. Buchanan took a prominent part in the social and sports activities of the borough and was a president of the Onehunga Bowling Club and the Orphans Club. He was also a member of the Onehunga Licensing Committee for many years and a director of R & W Hellaby Ltd. 

Euphemia Buchanan was also active in the community, and she instituted the Buchanan Award for the most promising pupils of Onehunga and Te Papapa schools. The couple lived in Quadrant Road, and with no children of their own, they were dedicated to philanthropy in Onehunga.

Onehunga Heritage Report - Dec 2013

OPS decided this important artifact should be carefully kept in the Onehunga Community House Museum. You can see it there.

In 1926, my father, Frederick Beckett, was the recipient of The Buchanan Prize from Onehunga School and he went on to become an artist and architect of some note.  He also inherited the talent of Italic scripting from his father and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Buchanan Prize, he crafted a beautiful booklet in her honour, listing all the winners of the prize over the 25 years. “...

“ I am unsure how the booklet came to be back in his possession as is the letter Mrs Buchanan wrote to him thanking him for the lovely gift. However, I do note that this year marks the 100th anniversary of The Buchanan Prize and after some thought, decided it would be appropriate to gift this book and letter from Mrs Buchanan, to the Onehunga School.  It is a truly beautiful work of art and one that may be of interest to past, present and future recipients and to the school itself. I feel that it would be an honourable gesture to give this piece of history back to the school where it can be displayed for all to see.”

Diana Edwards - Daughter of Buchanan Awards recipient 1926 - in an email to OPS.

Buchanan Award booklet found nearly 80 years after it was created .