OPS Learning

Our school has a conceptual plan for learning, which incorporates all perspectives of the NZ National Curriculum and responds to the learning needs of our children.  Where possible curriculum areas are integrated (grouped together) to plan for authentic learning contexts for our children.

The development of learning programmes will reflect the following Principles:

 A commitment to the Treaty Of Waitangi

Onehunga Primary will promote Tikanga Māori (Māori culture) and Te Reo Māori (the Māori language) where reasonably possible.  Where parents request full time instruction in Tikanga Māori and Te Reo Māori, they will be provided with the names of local schools that provide such instruction, and an introduction to a school arranged.

High expectations

Monitoring of achievement against the NZ National Standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics will assist in the identification of children’s learning needs.

·  Learning programmes will be responsive to areas of identified need.


·  Staff Professional Development programmes will continue to develop skills in teaching literacy and numeracy

Inclusiveness - which celebrates diversity

An emphasis on akonga / learners understanding one another’s cultures and conversational language will also be promoted.               

·  Programmes will encourage children to be proud of who they are and their cultural and ethnic background.

·  The school will also provide support for English Language Learners through the ESOL programmes.

Whānau and Community partnerships

Whānau involvement is strongly encouraged and promoted with multiple opportunities for families to be involved in their child’s and wider school learning and school activities.

Developing perseverance and resilience

The PB4L - Positive Behaviour For Learning programme promotes positive actions and behaviours for students in both learning and playing situations


Sustainable living is promoted in multiple ways throughout our curriculum. Onehunga Primary school has ‘Green Gold Enviro’ status.