Breakfast Club - Before School Care

OPS Breakfast Club 2023

The Breakfast Club at Onehunga Primary School supports our OPS whānau in two ways.

1. Provide a safe and affordable childcare environment from 7.30am-8.20am for our families with work commitments.

2. Offer breakfast to ensure the children can start the learning day with full tummies.


Funding Breakfast Club

·   We ask for, but do not insist on, a small contribution of $5 per morning, per child to help cover the cost of the two staff members who run this service. 

·   ‘Kids Can’ provide us with some support for the breakfast items that children eat.

·   Currently the school covers the shortfall of the costs of the staff who run Breakfast Club.


Behaviour Expectations

All children attending Breakfast Club must follow our school’s We CARE philosophy and treat staff and other students with respect. It is an expectation that the children follow the directions of the staff running Breakfast Club. 

We ask you to reinforce with your children positive behaviour and choices which are safe and respectful to others whilst they are at Breakfast Club.

Any children who are not meeting expectations for safe and respectful behaviour will not be able to attend.

7.30am Breakfast Club Start Time. 

Breakfast Club occurs in our Hall. We do not and cannot provide care for children before 7.30am. Please do not drop your children before this time.

Our Processes

Enrolment Form - To enable us to manage our ‘paperwork’ around Breakfast Club we ask that families who attend either regularly or casually complete an enrolment form. 

Payments - Where possible we ask that payments are made directly into our bank account: 12-3055-0173711-00 Reference: BCLUB and your child’s name. 

You can also pay by eftpos in our office for multiple days or weeks at once, or pay cash each day to our staff. 

Receipts for Payments - Receipts will be emailed to families either monthly or at the end of each term with a record of payments made for Breakfast Club attendance.


Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions or concerns regarding Breakfast Club.

To Enroll In Breakfast Club

Please either complete this form or print the page below and return it to school.