Vision and Values and Strategic Planning

BOT Strategic Planning for 2024 & 2025

Our OPS BOT completed our Strategic Plan (big plan for 2024-2025) in Term 1 2024. We asked whānau for your ideas back in 2023. We wanted to make sure your voices are heard as part of our planning.

This plan, called the "Strategic Plan," will guide us in making OPS the best it can be for all our students (ākonga). We're using everyone's input, plus info from teachers, experts, and the Ministry of Education.

Using the completed Strategic Plan 2024-2025 we developed an " 2024 Annual Implementation Plan" which shows exactly how we'll make those goals happen.

Want to know more about school strategic plans? Check out this cool website: [Strategic Plans MOE site].

There's always more to do than we can fit in one plan, but we're always working to make OPS even better.

Here are some of the main things we'll be focusing on in the next two years (2024 - 2025).