OPS uniform can be purchased from The Warehouse Royal Oak. We have a small stock of second hand items for sale at our office.

If an item is not available at The Warehouse (and not being phased out by the supplier - see items with * below), please contact Juliet so she can follow up and query stock availability.


There are no set dates for seasonal changes of uniform. Families can decide what is appropriate to wear from the uniform list dependent on the weather. Clothing worn under the uniform for warmth should not be able to be visible excepting bottle green skivvies that may be worn under bottle green polo shirts and gold skivvies that may be worn under gold polo shirts.

• Long hair to be tied back and off the face

• Bottle green or gold short sleeve polo shirt with logo

• Bottle green or gold long sleeve polo shirt with logo *

• Bottle green round neck sweatshirt with logo

• Bottle green polar fleece top with collar, half zip and logo

• Bottle green cargo shorts *

• Bottle green drill shorts

• Bottle green cargo pants

• Bottle green fleece track pants

• Black or white laced or velcro shoes with minimal contrast. No glitter and florescent colours. No wheels on shoes. No jandals and slip on styled shoes

• Black/white ankle socks

• Black sandals with ankle strap

• Bottle green raincoat or rain jacket

• Bottle green bucket style sun hat

• Bottle green beanie hat and scarf

*These items are being discontinued by the supplier


• Bottle green skort (worn like shorts but has pleats)

• Green or black tights

Jewellery is limited to a watch, single small stud or sleeper in each ear, and culturally appropriate jewellery.