Growing Leaders

At Onehunga Primary School we are proud to see so many of our children taking on leadership roles within the school. For example, we see Enviro reps planning and promoting enviro challenges and reporting back to the whole school. We see captains of sports teams encouraging and leading their team members. We hear children on the intercom teaching us to speak in their first languages. We see children sharing their cultural dances and songs on stage. We cross the busy roads safely due to our road patrollers guiding us across the road. We also notice the quiet leaders - the children who support others to make the right choices and empower others to be the best they can.

We know that leaders exist in all aspects of our lives, and can lead in many different ways. There are the obvious leaders who we all recognise, and we believe leaders also exist in schools, families, neighbourhoods and community groups.

We see enormous potential in all of our students and want to create another opportunity for our children to further grow into leaders. This initiative will recognise self-motivation, a “can-do” attitude, and with students seeing themselves as leaders. All Year 4, 5 and 6 students are invited to participate in the first year of this programme. This opportunity, while linked to aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies is in no way compulsory. It is entirely optional to those who wish to take part.

You can email Mrs Holley or Mrs Farley for more information or questions.

Remember that every Tuesday there is support from Mrs Farley and other Growing Leaders in Room 16 at lunchtime.

What does it mean to be involved in ‘Growing Leaders @ OPS’?

Children will work towards the ‘bronze leadership level’ in their first year, the ‘silver leadership level’ in their second year and the ‘gold leadership level’ in their third year. However, children may choose to just go for one or two awards in their time at Onehunga Primary School. In the first year, the students would all be aiming to achieve the bronze award.

To achieve the ‘bronze leadership level’ children would complete the following:

  • complete and hand in the self reflection booklet

  • develop a personal definition of what it means to be a leader

  • list and write short notes about 3 -5 leaders

  • Interview 2 - 3 leaders

  • carry out 10 hours of community service within and outside of the school

  • set yourself 2 leadership goals. Keep a diary of how you are working towards achieving these goals

The silver and gold leadership levels build on from the bronze level and must be completed in order.

Participants will start their leadership project in Term 2 and will need to have completed their project by Friday 28th October (Week 2) Term 4, 2022. (We know that some of our students who are completing a second or third year of Growing Leaders may have already started working towards their 2022 tasks.)

There will be benchmarks along the way to keep children on track. All work and activities must be completed by the student themselves as this programme is about initiative and independence. There will be check-in dates with Mrs Farley and Mrs Holley during some Tuesday lunchtimes.

While support will be given to help participants understand what they will need to do, it will be up to individual students to actually complete the requirements of achieving the bronze, silver and gold leadership level.

While there have been fantastic examples of community service over the last few years which children enjoy, it’s important to be aware that to achieve any of the leadership levels, there are also written requirements which focus on self reflection and leadership which must also be completed, alongside the community service acts.

We anticipate that not every child who starts this initiative will complete it, and stress that it is entirely optional.

This programme includes support at school for students who get involved from staff, and from peers who have already completed parts of the programme. There will be some meetings they must attend and others that are optional. As with every year, Mrs Farley will be available to support children who feel they need it on Tuesday lunchtimes.

Children who complete the requirements will be recognised in a variety of ways including at the Buchanans Awards Assembly in Term 4.

Growing Leaders @ OPS - Permission Newsletter Tuesday 31 May 2022

To progress to the next stage of this opportunity, children will need to bring a signed expression of interest form to the office by Tuesday 7th June (Week 6, Term 2). The first meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th June at lunchtime for children who have returned the expression of interest form.

Permission can also be emailed to our office

At this meeting, children will receive a leadership self reflection booklet that must be completed by Tuesday 21st June (Week 8, Term 2). It’s important to note that this will give them only one Tuesday lunchtime where they can come for support.

Self Reflection - Please complete this ready to share by Tuesday 21 June, 2022

We understand this will not be an easy process for our students and encourage them to spend time with an adult who knows them well deciding on their self ranking.

You can go to the self reflection form here.

Movies and Support Materials for 2022

This is another movie about ‘leadership’ which students may be interested in viewing...

How little people can make a big difference | Charlie Cooper |

If you have any to share or suggest, please email them to Mrs Holley