Fun Run Fundraiser Event Friday 9th April

Fun Run 9 April 2021

A REMINDER - Students can dress up. They might like to try the following ideas: washable hair chalk, face painting, bright wig, different coloured shoes or socks, wear a bright coloured onesie. Students can come to school dressed for the event.

Please bring a water bottle and a change of dry clothes. There will be some wet activities.

Thank you to our Fun Run sponsors

Fun Run Information - Friday 9th April, 10am - 3pm

Please see times on the left for when each Year Level will be running.

If you are able to help, please email

There will be food stalls, Coffee van set up on the field. You are most welcome to join us for the day or part of the day.

We will not be providing students with a bottle of water. We will set up a water station with eco-friendly cups and encouraging students to bring in their own water bottles.

FUN RUN 2021 Launch Team assembly

Thank you to whānau and businesses for sponsoring our prizes

Donations in our givealittle pages are coming in fast and also whānau and businesses are donating prizes.

See slides on the left for information about our Fundraising event

How can I contribute?

There are whānau donating to our ‘Givealittle pages’. It is awesome to see people using this to support the event.

You could also contribute in other ways such as helping out on the day:

  • Join in! Running/walking with the children around the course

  • Being a spotter for our children running around the course (making sure they are going the right direction)

  • Helping on a food stall/cooking sausages for our runners

  • Marking students as they complete their laps

If you are keen to help out on the day, please email Juliet

Kia ora whānau

Friday 9th April 2021 Onehunga Primary School will be holding a Fun Run Fundraising Event.

We have set up 'Give a little' pages to receive donations - link below

All information about the Fun Run and how to donate through the 'Give a little page' is on this link below

If you have any questions about the Fun Run, please email

Thank you for your support and we are all looking forward to this exciting event.

Ngā mihi nui

Fun Run team