OPS Mother's Day Art 

This Mother's Day, OPS has been invited by Dress Smart Auckland to take part in their FIRST EVER art Exhibition!

At OPS, we know the important role that mums, grandmothers, mum-figures (and absolutely dads and other men!) play in the lives of our whānau.  We also know that one of the most amazing things about our school community is the strength that comes from our diversity. Lots of us don’t have a mum – we have a 阿媽, tinā, Mummy, māma, ਮੰਮੀ, or fa'ee. Our special people might be mums (or dads!) who have stepped into that role for us, such as aunties, caregivers, neighbours, friends’ families, and sometimes it’s some very lucky teachers.

Update 29/3/23

There's been a fantastic start to entries for our upcoming Mother's Day Art Exhibition, run in partnership with Dress Smart Auckland.

Throughout May, art created by our tamariki will be displayed in Dress Smart and, this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, `akonga were invited to take part in lunchtime art sessions and make use of some amazing art supplies. As you can see from the photos, we had some very excited children creating art of the special person they look forward to celebrating and we have already have some fantastic (and interesting!) entries.

While Mums had a large presence, there were also some amazing Dads included, aunties, cousins, grandmums and grandads, teachers, two mums - and even some very special and beloved pets. Children were also invited to tell us the word they use for their special person, what they love most about them, and something that person often says to them.  It is great to see so many of the different languages our children speak at home included. In addition to lots of lovely 'I love yous' , our children also had some pretty hilarious answers, as you can imagine. Some special comments included: 

"My favourite thing about my Grandmi is that she likes to give me cuddles. And that I'm almost taller than her" - Hugh

Honorable but anonymous mention goes to one gorgeous child who, when asked what they were working so hard on, said "I'm drawing the hairs on my mummy's legs" - ah the honesty of our children!!

You can print an entry from the link on the Dress Smart website; or pick one up from the School Office.

A reminder to please send completed art entries back to school! We want as much art of our amazing Mum figures included as possible in the Art Exhibition at Dress Smart!

Entries can be handed in to the large entry box in the school office, or to Dress Smart Management Office. The last day is Thursday 27 April. Art will be on display from 1 May.