2023 Lunch Orders



ezlunch orders

Sushi Ko and Pita Pit 


Sushi Ko-  every Tuesday 

Pita Pit -  every Thursday 

Click here to view the menus. 

Orders are made online through your myKindo account. One account for the whole family!  Get started now and be ready… Click here or go to www.mykindo.co.nz to start ordering!

for Apple and Android users download the mykindo app. 

Help? Visit support.mykindo.co.nz or tel. 09 969 5200 weekdays 8am-4pm.

www.mykindo.co.nz  www.ezlunch.co.nz

If you cannot order online and want to pay cash there will be envelopes at the office, please try to have the correct amount, we don’t have change at the office.

2024 Year 5 & 6 Camp Fundraiser - Pizza Lunch

Fundraising for next year’s (2024) Year 5 & 6 camp needs to start this year. ‘Pizza Wednesday’ starts this week and pizzas are available for ordering for one Learning Community each week. 

The mini pizzas come from Onehunga Dominoes and are $5 each. 

We have sent printed order forms to the Kereru Learning Community to order for next week.. 

Term 4 Pizza Lunch Order Weeks...

Week 3 Wed 25/10 - Kereru Learning Community

Week 4 Wed 1/11 - Kea Learning Community

Week 5 Wed 8/11 - Kiwi Learning Community

2024 Year 5 & 6 Camp Fundraiser


Kereru - Wednesday 25 OCT  

Please order  by Tuesday 24/10 - 9.30am (the day before)

$5 -MINI PIZZA (Note - LIMIT OF ONE PIZZA per person)

One learning community per week - Please order  by Tuesday 9.30am (the day before)

Please bring your order form and the correct cash amount ($5.00) to the office.

* SORRY LATE ORDERS CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED. We can not take orders on the day.

* PURCHASES FOR ONE LEARNING COMMUNITY EACH WEEK - We can not take orders for siblings in other learning communities sorry.