Kea Learning At Home 2022

Monday 28th Feb 2022

Kia ora Kea Team Children

As you are working from home we would like to share our virtual classroom with you so that you can learn at home what we would learn in class. Here is the link.

2022 Term 1 Wk 5 Kea Home Learning

Please explore the classroom by clicking on each item.

If you can, please select 1 maths worksheet each day (from the number poster on the wall).Choose a worksheet that suits your level. You can also do 10 min of Mathletics each day.If you click on the book on the beanbag you will be guided to your sunshine online readers for the week. Please select your colour wheel and read one book each day and complete the activities to go with it. Remember to record your reader in your reading log! For writing you will be writing the ‘Diary of a Dragon.’ Have a think about how you would describe your dragon.Our blend for this week is ‘dr’ blend. Click on "dr activities" to access this. Feel free to explore other activities in the virtual classroom throughout the week. There are PE and art activities linked. Our Friday Poem is ‘Dragon, Dragon’.

Remember to keep practising your spelling words and word family words too.

Printed Learning

Printed packs will be available on request. You can contact your child’s teacher and request a printed pack. If you can print at home there will be a link on the virtual classroom each week. Packs that are printed at school can be collected by someone who can take it home for you. Please let us know if you need resources like scissors, glue, coloured pencils and we can ensure some are added to your pack.

Zoom Calls

If there is a teacher isolating at home, who is feeling well enough, zoom calls will be arranged. These will include activities that support the virtual classroom and follow the learning at school.

Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about the learning tasks. As always we are here to support you and your family through these difficult times. Please look after yourselves and keep in contact.

We know our Kea team children will do an awesome job working from home because you have been doing such a great job at school!

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See you soon!

Kea Team Teachers

Kea Virtual Classroom Week 5

This site is based on 2021 content.

We are directing whānau who have children learning at home due to the need to isolate in 2022 to this site to find additional learning to what their teacher shares if they need it.

There is a huge amount of learning which will be new and unseen because your child is in a different team and class now in 2022.