Learning At Home Term 1, 2022

This page links you to learning for each team in Term 1 2022.

Each team page give you an outline of how the team will share learning and of any team zooms available for your child to be involved in.

Please note that the zooms available may not be with your child's teacher but should be with a staff member they recognise. School is currently open for face to face learning which means that our class teachers are teaching in class each day.

Team Learning For Learning At Home in Term 1 2022

Additional learning if you need it

This site is based on 2021 content.

We are directing whānau who have children learning at home due to the need to isolate in 2022 to this site to find additional learning to what their teacher shares if they need it.

There is a huge amount of learning which will be new and unseen because your child is in a different team and class now in 2022.